The emu scholarship reflects our vision to make education universal.

The scholarship is open to anyone who uses our Application Review service on www.thinkemu.com and meets our basic eligibility critieria (details below).

The scholarship will be awarded to a single student who best explains how an education in the UK will help them make an impact in India.

Essential information

  • Deadline for applications: 31 December 2019.
  • Amount: GBP 5,000.
  • Applicable countries: UK.
  • Applicable universities: see list below.
  • Applicable enrolment years: 2019/2020.
  • Open to: students aged 18 years or above.

How do I enter?

The scholarship is available for emu clients who satisfy the following 3 step criteria.

For both under-graduate & post-graduate students.

  1. Register on www.thinkemu.com and use our Application Review service (this service is free of cost).
  2. Answer the following question (on the Application Review page):
  3. Write an essay in no more than 450 words describing how you believe your education in the UK will allow you to create impact in India - and what impact you wish to achieve.

  4. Once you get an offer letter from one of the following instutions, submit a copy to www.thinkemu.com
UK Rank 2019 WUR(World University Rank) 2019 University City/Town
1 1 University of Oxford Oxford
2 2 University of Cambridge Cambridge
2 2 University of Arts London London
3 9 Imperial College London London
4 14 UCL London
5 26 London School of Economics and Political Science London
6 29 University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
7 38 King’s College London London
8 57 University of Manchester Manchester
9 78 University of Bristol Bristol
10 79 University of Warwick Coventry
11 93 University of Glasgow Glasgow
12 106 University of Sheffield Sheffield
13 114 Durham University Durham
14 116 University of Birmingham Birmingham
15 116 University of Southampton Southampton
16 119 University of York York
17 130 Queen Mary University of London London
18 141 University of Exeter Exeter
19 146 Lancaster University Lancaster
20 149 University of Nottingham Nottingham
21 152 University of Leeds Leeds
23 161 University of Sussex Sussex
24 165 University of St Andrews St Andrews
25 167 University of Leicester Leicester
26 171 Newcastle University Newcastle
27 181 University of Liverpool Liverpool
28 187 Cardiff University Cardiff
29 190 University of East Anglia Norwich
30 201 – 250 University of Reading/Henley Business School Reading
34 251 - 300 University of Essex Colchester
78 1301 Bournemouth University Bournemouth

Submit your offer letter copy to support@thinkemu.com on or before 31.12.2019.

How is the scholarship awarded?

A panel of independent judges will decide based on the most inspiring answer to the essay question above.

When will the scholarship be awarded

We will announce the recipient of the scholarship on 14 January 2020 on www.thinkemu.com and our social media handles.

The successful student will be informed on 14 January 2020.

How is the scholarship dispersed?

The scholarship will be dispersed directly to the university.

The scholarship will be dispersed evenly throughout the duration of your period of study. For example, for a 3 year / 6 semester under-graduate programme, this would be equivalent to £5,000 / 6 semesters. Over this period, ongoing payment of the scholarship is conditional on the student maintaining a level of performance which is acceptable to the university. emu reserves the right to ask for per-semester grades / transcripts to confirm this.

For questions on the emu scholarship call Siddharth on [+91 78270 77653] or email him on support@thinkemu.com.