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Unsecured Loans

An Unsecured loan is a loan that is supported by the borrowers creditworthiness. It does not have any time of collateral and need for co-borrowing. Borrowers must generally have a high credit rating to be eligible for unsecured loans.

Secured Loans

If you or your Co-Borrower have assets that you would like to pledge against any loan, this can be considered to bring down the cost of financing under your loan. Secured loans are more appealing to financiers as they are considered less risky. Collateral pledged needs to be acceptable to the financier.

Co-borrower Loans

Co-Borrower loans are loans taken jointly with a sponsor to aid with your education. The Co-Borrowers are typically people such as your parents or other relatives that wish to help you on your education journey. Co-Borrowers can help bring down the cost of financing as they are jointly responsible for the loan taken.